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Laser Flow


We have just released our first game - Laser Flow!



Innovative and very unique puzzle game about Lasers, Mirrors and Colors!


• Over 160 different levels!
• Board sizes from 5×5 to 7×7!
• Secret bonus levels!
• No ADS!
• No time limits!

• GameCenter achievements and scores
• Retina support
• A great way to exercise brain
• Both challenging and beautiful experiments
• Gameplay that won’t get boring ever


If you need a little help solving an experiment you can use a “hint”. One hint solves entire experiment except the last move, giving you more freedom.


With a special chamber “Abyss of Random” the gameplay is just infinite. You can play as many levels as you want – no limits!

This chamber is available absolutely for FREE!


★ «The game is a fantastic puzzler! Catchy music and you get to play with reflecting lasers! Can’t wait for more levels! Very nice UI design!» — Tyraziel
★ «Wow! This game provided much more than I expected from a puzzle app! Very much worth the download and very much worth the in app purchases to expand to more levels! Excellent pro work from the developers.» — Loves Good Apps
★ «Every level makes you think. It’s not about how fast you can move your fingers like a lot of other puzzle games. It’s all in your brain.» — Mark Graesser
★ «Finally came out with a game like this in the App Store! Thanks.» — Phizzle248
★ «Very entertaining, keeps me on my toes.» — UkuleleGuru


A humble Indie game development studio proudly presents Laser Flow – Experiments with Lasers.
We hope you like this game as much as we like making it.
If you have any troubles running this game please kindly write to us before leaving a bad rating.

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  1. Simon's Gravatar Simon
    June 16, 2013    

    I’ve just played through the first 40 levels and liked Laser Flow so far very much. Thanks for these puzzles!

    Some observations:
    * I like the idea of the “Abyss of Random” because it allows to come back even after completing all the preset puzzles. However more often than not the random puzzles aren’t solvable due to obvious flaws (such as lasers pointing directly into a blocker or blockers forming a gap too narrow for two lasers to fit through). What about changing the way you produce these random puzzles to: (1) Randomly set some lasers and blockers as you do now; (2) randomly place some random elements; (3) randomly pick some fields and color them the way the lasers color them; (4) remove the elements and list them below the puzzle. That way, every Abyss of Random would be solvable and the available elements would even change from time to time.

    * I don’t quite like the way stars are currently handled. In order to get 3 stars, just take your time to solve the puzzle, then remember the solution and solve it again (which IMHO just wastes time of completionists). I’d suggest to either disallow improving the score (which is what Fuusio does) or even better just drop the time and move count requirements (making the game more relaxed to play).

    * Some of the puzzles (such as Exp. 18 in Chamber 6×6) are solvable with one element to spare. Is that intentional? If not, what about adding another star for solving a puzzle with the minimal amount of elements?

    • lerg's Gravatar lerg
      June 24, 2013    

      Thank you for playing the game! It is really awesome!

      Level generation algorithm you described indeed was tried out, however it produces very easy levels. Right now we are working on the algorithm, that can make both challenging and solvable levels. In fact there is one right now, but it performs very slow on mobile devices.

      With 3 stars system we encourage people to remember the solution (train memory) in a relaxing way. It is very easy at the beginning when you have just a few elements, but gets tougher on levels with up to 21 elements. What do you think about this system from this point of view?

      There are a few levels that can be solved with less elements. Some of them are made so intentionally while other are just design mistakes. In future updates you will unlock game center achievements for solving hard levels with minimum of elements.

      Thank you for your feedback and stay tuned for future updates!

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